Sunday, May 21, 2006

TN Republican Party Pushing Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment

As expected, the Tennessee REPUBLICAN PARTY is pushing the anti-gay Marriage Amendment to get their conservative anti-gay Christian base out to vote.
Here's the evidence!
Here is their website:

It is VITALLY IMPORTANT that progressive Democrats speak out AGAINST this unnecessary amendment to the Tennessee Constitution!
Please visit the Vote No on Amendment 1 and join the fight against discrimination and bigotry in Tennessee!

>Dear Friend:
>Soon, on June 7th, the Tennessee Supreme Court will hear arguments on
>whether or not to allow voters to cast their vote this November on the
>Marriage Protection Amendment .
>During the 2005 session the Tennessee General Assembly overwhelmingly
>legislation that would allow voters, like you, to decide whether we should
>amend our Tennessee Constitution to define marriage as the union of "one
>and one woman."
>But the ACLU, gay-rights organizations, and even Democrat Legislators like
>Reps. Tommie Brown, Larry Turner, and Beverly Marrero have filed a lawsuit
>to stop the Marriage Protection Amendment, because they don't want you to
>have a voice in setting the standards for marriage in Tennessee.
>This is outrageous!!
>We have already seen how activist courts have created new definitions of
>marriage in states like Massachusetts. The only way we can ensure that
>marriage is protected in our state is to allow Tennesseans to cast their
>vote in November in Defense of Marriage!!
>How You Can Help??
>1. Print this petition and ask 10 of
>your friends or neighbors to sign it saying that they, too, want the right
>the vote to amend the Tennessee Constitution and
> Protect Marriage.
>2. Reply
>>tect%20Marriage> to this email and we'll send you a list of 10 people in
>your community so you can tell them about the Marriage Protection
>Only with your help can we keep liberal special interests from corrupting
>our courts and destroying our values.
>Charlie Schneider
>Tennessee Victory 2006
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Anonymous said...

Same sex marriages are a SIN and so
is abortion!