Monday, May 08, 2006

Speaking of Gay Cons & Uncle Tom Republicans--Mary Cheney

Mary Cheney *fianally* comes out and defends gay rights against Bush and her dad's fascist administration in a new book out Tuesday "My Turn"...
Too late honey!
Mary Cheney is an embarrassment, and an example of an "Uncle Tom Republican".
She has been sitting on the cabin porch along with the Log Cabin Republicans, supporting this heterosexist, fascist administration, while it attacks gays and lesbians. She has been quiet and silent too long. This book is not enough to make up for the past five years of her silence and complicity in the fascist takeover of this country by Bush/Cheney and the Christian Republican Party.
Mary Cheney is a priviledged, white daddy's girl who has profited from the Republican war on gays.
Like Log Cabin Gay Cons, she puts her own class and economic interests about the well-being of the gay community, as well as the American people (poor, workers, etc..)

I despise Uncle Tom Republicans!

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