Friday, May 18, 2012

Same-sex marriage an issue of equal, civil rights

Wendi C. Thomas: Same-sex marriage an issue of equal, civil rights » The Commercial Appeal

Good column by Memphis CA columnist Wendi Thomas on the reaction of African-American leaders and the black community to marriage equality for gays & lesbians.

New polls show that there is a growing acceptance of LGBT equality among African-Americans, including marriage, and evidence that President Obama's support may be helping African-Americans accept civil marriage rights for gays and lesbians.

And civil rights hero John Lewis made another strong statement of support of equality and equal rights for LGBT people today on MSNBC:

"My position is very, very simple. That I fought too long and too hard against discrimination based on race and color, not to stand up and fight against discrimination based on sexual orientation. If you’re going to provide civil rights and equality for everybody, you cannot draw a line, you cannot build a wall. We must respect the dignity and the worth of every human being whether they are gay or straight." ~ Congressman John Lewis - Freedom Rider and Civil Rights Activist.

For more on LGBT civil rights and African Americans check out National Black Justice Coalition

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