Sunday, May 06, 2012

Dan Savage vs. Right-Wing Hate Groups

Dan Savage a hypocrite? Not even close…

Yes, the right-wing nuts are in an uproar over comments Dan Savage made about the anti-gay crazy crap in the Bible and how the anti-gay right uses the Bible to justify discrimination, prejudice, and even violence, against gay people.  He was 100% correct.

And to those calling for Obama to speak out against Savage who has no connection to the Obama campaign, I ask when will Romney distance himself from the right-wing hate and violence spewed by Ted Nugent, whose endorsement is touted by the Romney campaign?

Of how about this Romney supporter:
Lou Engle Calls for Religious Right to Channel Confederate Generals to "Restrain" the "Homosexual Agenda"

Or what about these right-wing anti-gay and racist hate groups:

Council of Conservative Citizens (FKA Council of White Citizens)

Traditional Values Coalition

American Family Association

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