Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tea Party Racism

Rep. Steve Cohen takes on TEA Party racism

The TEA Party has been trying to counter-attack liberals and progressives for calling out their racist attacks on Obama and African-American Democrats who supported health care reform.. by lying!

As a guest on The Young Turks, my Representative Steve Cohen called the TEA Party out for being mostly White conservatives opposed to diversity, who attacked blacks, gays, etc.

Rep. Steve Cohen Bashes Tea Party

Mid-South Tea Party Demands Rep. Steve Cohen Retract Critical Statements

Tea Partier Threatens Rep. Steve Cohen

The TEA Party has been trying to cover up the racism at the heart of the movement by denying it even exists. But here are the FACTS about the racism at the heart of the Tea Party movement:

Tea Party Protests Shout "Nigger" and "Faggot" at Members of Congress

Congressmen Spit on By Tea Party Protester

White Resentment Bubbles Under Surface of Tea Party Movement

White Supremacists and Anti-Semites Recruit at Tea Parties

Tea Partiers: Obama's A Muslim

Frank Rich: Tea Party Rage is Not About Healthcare

The racism of the TEA Party Movement should be seen in the larger struggle of racism used to divide the working class in the United States and stop progressive reforms:

Beware of the new Racist Counteroffensive

Hatred as a Political Strategy

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