Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Queers are Getting Pissed!

After all the hope and campaign promises by Obama to stand up for LGBT equality and overturn DADT, DOMA and pass ENDA, the reality is sinking in that Obama and the Democrats are not in a hurry to do anything substantive for the gay community, at least not this year. The Obama administration has turned changing the DADT policy over to the military. ENDA is stalled and does not have enough votes with gender identity included. If Democrats loose lots of seats in Congress in November as expected, there may not be another chance to move on LGBT issues for a long time.

But queers are getting pissed and fired up. A new LGBT activist group, GetEqual, is lighting fire under some asses in D.C. They have staged several highly publicized protests this week on DADT and ENDA:

GetEqual Disrupts House Education and Labor Committee on ENDA

Six Service Members from GetQual Hancuff themselves to White House Fence

(Protest Coverage Cut Short by Park Police)

Gay Protesters Interrupt Obama Speech on DADT

Here's Why: Barney Frank Says Obama Not Pushing DADT Repeal This Year, Frustrated with Obama's Lack of Support

After calling for the repeal of DADT in his SOTU speech, Obama now appears to want to wait until 2011:
Gibbs-DADT on Hold Until 2011

Obama and the Democrats are missing an historic opportunity to pass meaningful legislation for LGBT civil rights, and they may suffer in the elections from lack of LGBT support!

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