Sunday, March 28, 2010

Family Research Council Anti-Gay Rally in Memphis

The Family Action Council is sponsoring STAND FOR THE FAMILY: A RALLY TO CELEBRATE AND PROMOTE THE TRADITIONAL FAMILY, Monday at Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis.

Special guests include two anti-gay bigots: Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Council and Bishop Harry Jackson, Pastor of Hope Christian Church in Washington D.C. Bishop Jackson led the efforts to stop same-sex marriage in Washington D.C., and Tony Perkins and the FRC have led the efforts of Focus On The Family to oppose civil rights for gays and lesbians.

It should be a lovely "family" event....

Meanwhile, the Memphis Gay & Lesbian Community Center and LGBT groups in Memphis are holding an alternative rally, STAND FOR ALL FAMILIES, at Nashoba Unitarian Church

The Family Action Council of Tennessee oppose equality for LGBT families in TN.

Tony Perkins has political connections with other religious and political extremists, including David Duke and the racist white supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens. Here's a picture of Tony Perkins speaking to a meeting of the Council of Conservative Citizens in 2001!

Perkins claims he didn't know the politics of the CCC, but how could he not see that WHITE CONFEDERATE flag behind him??

Pam's Houseblend: Tony Perkins and White Supremacy

Why are African-American pastors Alton Williams and Bishop Harry Jackson sharing the stage with Tony Perkins? Do they fear gay people more than White Supremacists and Racists

UPDATE: Truth Wins Out--"Pro-Family" vs. Actual Pro-Family

Tommy Simmons, Is This The Best They Can Throw At Us?


libhom said...

Religion brings out the worst in people.

Anonymous said...

Bellevue Baptist should be saying no to Pedophile's not Homophile's