Saturday, January 30, 2010

"Liberal Media Bias" ?

The wing-nuts constantly whine about "liberal media bias," the actual facts suggest the exact opposite!

Most recent examples of media "bias":

NPR Allows Conservative David Horowitz to Trash Radical Historian Howard Zinn

Contrast this to the death of conservative neo-fascist William F. Buckley, when NPR only aired praise for Buckley, with not one liberal or left critique!

Now CBS is going to air a "pro-life" ad for the Super Bowl, but rejects and gay dating site ad.

Tim Tibow Super Bowl Ad May Be Based on Falsehood

Mancrunch Super Bowl Ad Rejected

Why is CBS In Bed with the Religious Right on Super Bowl Sunday?

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Anonymous said...

To allow David Horowitz to trash talk radical historian Howard Zinn is completely different than criticizing William Buckley right after his death. It's out of respect that they hold out. And I'm certain Buckley received plenty of criticism during his life.

As for CBC airing a "pro-life" ad and not a gay dating site ad, you've got to consider your audiences and future revenues. Ads don't have to be unbiased. They're not news. When people talk about a "liberal media," they're referring to the news media. Furthermore, with all the debates circling the issue of gay rights, CBC isn't looking to start a fight with views on the most watched night of television in history. (That's right, it beat out Mash.) That would only alienate a TON of people and potential advertisers.