Thursday, January 21, 2010

Goodbye Democracy--Hello Fascism!

Kiss democracy goodbye! By a 5-4 decision, the conservative Supreme Court justices have ruled that coprorations are entitled to the same rights as real people, rolling back restrictions on corporate spending on political campaigns. Corporations now control our government. They control both political parties, and have killed healthcare reform and will kill financial reform and legislation to save our environment from their pollution.

Welcome to fascism, brought to you by the Republican Party, and their corporate allies in the Democratic Party and the corporate controlled media. When will the American people wake up and take back our government?

I agree with many of the "tea party" protesters, but they have been duped into supporting the corporatocracy (e.g, insurance companies). The enemy is not "big government," it is government owned and controlled by the corporate rich. If tea-baggers would like to join us on the left and protest the corporate takeover of our government, we can work for a real revolution.

Supreme Court Rolls Back Corporate Campaign Finance Restrictions

In a related note, Air America radio is shutting down today... it is filing chapter 7 bankcruptcy, so the total control of the media, especially radio, by the neo-fascist radical right is almost complete.

Fascism and the Corporate State

Move to Amend!

Funny that the Supreme Court ruled that there is no "freedom of speech" in the case of broadcasting the Prop. 8 court case in California, but that corporations are "people" endowed with the "freedom of speech" to spend all they want to influence elections.

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