Saturday, October 10, 2009

Obama Speaks, Gays March!

This weekend gay activists are marching on Washington to pressure Obama and Congress to ACT on legislation to support equal rights for LGBT people. The National Equality March is being organized by gay activist/Harvey Milk friend Cleve Jones.

The march underscores some divisions within the LGBT community between grassroots activists who are impatient with Obama and Democrats in Congress, and beltway politicans, like Barney Frank, and gay lobby groups like HRC:

Gay Rep. Barney Frank Says the March is a waste of time

HRC says gays should be more patient and give Obama and the Democrats more time--until 2017!?
(This is one reason I don't give any money to HRC, Joe Solmonese is the most over-paid "gay executive" in the country. I urge progressives to support the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force instead!)

On the eve of the March, President Obama will be giving a "Big Gay Speech" to the HRC. What should/will he say?

Can Obama win over the gay community?

I agree with Barney Frank that marching on Washington D.C. is NOT enough, we've done it before. We have to get more politically active at the grassroots level and put more pressure on our elected officials, HOWEVER, the organizers of the NEM are trying to energize the LGBT community to do just that--and send a wake up call to Obama and Congress, so I support it.
We cannot wait until 2012 or 2017! Democrats will probably loose Congress in 2010. and we can't count on Obama being re-elected in 2012. We have to ACT NOW!

UPDATE: Obama Pledges to End "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" at HRC Dinner/Fundraiser A repeat of his campaign promises, no mention of Main or Washington where marriage equality is being fought for. Like a true liberal, Obama says he is for "equal rights" for gays, but NOT marriage equality!

AmericaBlog: Obama's big speech--Heard It All Before!

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