Sunday, October 11, 2009

Gays March on Washington D.C.

Equality March: Gay Rights Activists March on D.C., Divided on Obama

Now we have to get everyone politically active back home. The March is just an organizing tool for real action to put political pressure on Congress and the President to stand up for equality and pass legislation to back up their campaign promises.

Rep. Barney Frank really pissed off a lot of us today by making headlines with his comment that the march is a waste of time! Really Barney? Is your head so far up Obama and HRC's butts that you would spit on the gay community again? Yes, we know marches and parades are not the way to get laws passed in Congress, that work needs to be done at the local and state levels by getting politically active in our local LGBT organizations and contacting our representatives. We need more grassroots activism. That was ONE of the purposes of the National Equality March!

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