Saturday, July 08, 2006

Who is Racist in the Shelby County Democratic Party?

Accusations of racism have been thrown at white Democrats by some black Democrats in the Shelby County Democratic Party. I find this ironic, since white Democrats have no chance of getting elected the overwhelmingly black voting districts, and as one important figure in the Shelby County Democratic Party told me about running in a largely black race, "a white candidate would not be taken seriously."

Many black Democrats are upset at the likely prospect that a WHITE JEW (Sen. Steve Cohen) may win THEIR Congressional House Dist. 9 seat, vacated by THEIR representative Harold Ford Jr., who is now pandering to white conservative rebel-flag waving rednecks across the state to win the Republican Senate seat. (Yes, this is the same BLACK politician who voted for the corporate anti-poor consumer bankruptcy bill and the big Bush tax cuts for the wealthy and all those poor black people's Estate Taxes.. wait, there are NO poor black people to benefit from that estate tax cut is there??)

Black Democrats support a black mayor who panders to WHITE Republicans and businesses.

There is Rep. Henri Brooks who recently told gay lobbyists in Nashville that gays were not a "significant' constituent in her district and that she was elected to represent BLACK CHURCHES. (Her Republican opponent, Novella Smith Arnold, actually took the time to return the Stonewall Democrats questionnaire, which was not even sent to her, and answered all our questions “ASBOLUTELY”! No response yet from Henri Brooks). SO I URGE REAL PROGRESSIVES TO VOTE FOR NOVELLA SMITH ARNOLD for County Commissioner, District 2, Position 2).

Black leaders, including the Tri-State Defender, are attacking Sen. Steve Cohen because he is a WHITE JEW!

Call me a racist is if you want, the problem with the Shelby County Democratic Party is not racist white liberals, it is conservative, fundamentalist, African-Americans who do not share the values of the Democratic Party's platform, which includes equal civil rights for gays and lesbians (including CIVIL UNIONS and the same rights as married couples), women's reproductive rights (yes, that includes the right to abortion). They do not respect the CONSTITUTIONALLY MANDATED separation of church and state, which means this is NOT a Christian nation, and people have the right to practice their religion NOT impose it on everyone else.

So spare me the "white racist" label please... those who support the Christian Right (both the Black Democrat wing and the White Republican Wing) are the bigots!


Anonymous said...

Testify! I am voting for you in this election, Mr. Maynard! You are saying what I've been thinking since I moved back to Memphis ten years ago. I am so angry at the black support for any black Democrat, no matter how they actually vote (I'm talking to you, Leon Gray, Harold Ford, etc.) that I've been looking for a new party. I am glad there is still one progressive Democrat in the Tennessee party to vote for. Thanks for being there!


Anonymous said...

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