Thursday, July 06, 2006

Courts Rule Against Gay Marriage..

Well this was a bad day for gay civil rights. The Court of Appeals in New York fuled 4-2 that the state's law allowing marriage only between a man and a woman was constitutional, thus killing the hope of gay activists that New York would be the next state to legalize gay marriages. In Georgia, the state Supreme Court ruled unanimously that the ban on gay marriages (and civil unions) approved by three-quarters of voters in 2004, did not violate the state's single-subject fule for ballot measures.

While some gay rights activists have been talking positive about the movement for gay marriage, touting recent public opinion polls which show more acceptance, I am not optimistic at all. We are stalled in the courts, and public opinion is still overwhelming against our civil right to marry.. and in most states and the South, the Democrats and Democratic politicians f are running away from the issue and embracing Christo-fascism. It doesn' look good at all...

Now Tennessee will join about 20 other states an pass a constitutional amendment writing discrimination against gays in to our constitution.. with the support of Democrats and Republicans!

I'm getting very depressed...

We must fight the losing battle, however, and support the Vote No on 1 Campaign

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