Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Wake Up Democratic Party! Impeach Bush!

What is wrong with the "leaders" of the Democratic Party? Bush's poll numbers are in a deep dive, over 50 percent of Americans think George Bush should be IMPEACHED for lying us into an illegal war, and the DLC suits warn Democratic candidates NOT to make impeachment of Bush a campaign issue in 2006!

Bush is a WAR CRIMINAL! He Lied! He has violated the Constitution, U.S and international law!
If the Republicans had the nerve to impeach Clinton for lying about his private sexual affair with a consenting adult, why can't the Democratic Party find the backbone to impeach a WAR CRIMINAL???

Well the Republicans will be in Memphis this weekend for the Republican Southern Leadership Conference, and I plan to protest with other angry progressive/leftists and REAL democrats Saturday 10 AM-2 PM.

I've had enough!

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