Saturday, March 11, 2006

Protest at the Republican Southern Leadership Conference

The fascist Republicans had their Southern Leadership Conference in Memphis today. I and about a dozen other activist had a little protest against Bush and the Republican Party’s neo-fascist agenda. We got a lot of positive response from people driving by, a few not so positive, but the real shock for me was engaging these ignorant republicans who still support Bush (the 36 % or so left who do). Would you believe these sheep still believe the LIE that Bush invaded Iraq because they attacked us on 9/11 ?! They think Bush has been protecting us from terrorism? Scary.... sheep!

Harold Ford Jr. came by (he came out of Peabody, not sure what he was doing inside), he shook our hands and said he support us, until I told him who I was and that I ran against him as a write-in candidate in 2004. He said I disrespected him, and I told him to run as a Democrat and quit running as a Republican and get a backbone.

Also saw Chris Matthews from MSNBC’s Hardball, but didn’t speak to him. He probably wouldn’t have liked what I had to say either.

You can see pics at my My .mac website

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LeftWingCracker said...

I saw a pic at Pesky Fly's site, good work!