Sunday, January 29, 2006

State of the Union

Well The Shrub will give his "State of the Union" speech this week, and I bet he leaves out the following:

The economy slowed to a 1% growth rate in the Fourth Quarter of 2005. GM, Ford and other major companies are laying of tens of thousands of workers. Wages are stagnant for most workers. More and more Americans do not have health insurance, and health care costs are soaring. He has done nothing to solve the health care/insurance crisis.

His plan to "privatize" Social Security, a major theme in his last SOTU speech, was a failure, rejected by the majority of the people despite his "Townhall meetings" to build support.

A number of people in his adminstration and the GOP have either been indicted or are under investigation for various criminal behavior.

Iraq is moving toward an Iranian-type Shiite theocracy government. Islamic extremists are gaining power and popularity in the Middle East.

A growing number of congressional leaders, including Republicans, believe that Bush broke the law by wiretapping American citizens without a warrant. A majority of Americans believe support impeachment for this crime.

Samuel Alito will probably get Congressonal approval to be appointed to the Surpeme Court, and the freedoms of American citizens will be in great jeopardy. Alito sides with big business and government against workers and people. He praised Robert Bork and shares his extremist interpretations of the constitution and civil rights.

According to a recent CNN poll, most Americans (54%) disapprove of the job he is doing as president. (His approval rating is around 40%). 58% believe his second term is a failure, and 52% say his entire presidency is a failure.

This is the real state of the union!

Bush is a failure, and a danger to freedom in America and around the world.
He should be impeached before the next "State of the Union" speech!

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