Sunday, January 22, 2006

Hillary's Plantation Remark and Media Bias

Hillary Clinton has been under attack for her statement at a black church that the House of Representatives was being run like a "plantation." This is probably the first true thing she has said in a long time.... But anytime a Democrat makes a trusthful statement about the neo-fascist Republican State, they are viciously attacked by Republicans as well as the media.

Republicans tried to claim that the statement was rascist, even though conservatives have used the term "plantation" many times, including Newt Gingrich referring to the Democratic Congress as a "liberal plantation."

Chris Matthews had a "panel" on Hardball (MSNBC) that included John Scorobrough and Tucker Carlson, TWO conservatives, to criticize Hillary. Chris Matthews consistently attacks the "liberal left", especially Howard Dean and Al Gore, for being too radical and extreme. Matthews is conservative, but is considered to be a "moderate".

Al Gore has become the spokesperson for progressive Democrats, and the more he speaks the truth about the Bush Administration and its crimes, the more he is attacked.

The media is clearly under the control of the corporate rich and the conservative right. When will networks like MSNBC offer a libera/progressive talk show? Hint: Air America's Rachel Maddow would make a great host!

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