Saturday, June 25, 2011

New York: Another Victory for Marriage Equality

New York became the sixth state to grant gay and lesbian couples the right to marry Friday night. The bill, which passed the Democratic controlled NY House overwhelmingly, was finally passed in the GOP controlled state senate 33-29, with the support of four Republicans. It was a major victory for the national struggle for marriage equality because with the victory in New York the number of gay couples who can legally marry has doubled, and it was only the second time a state legislature was not forced to legalize same-sex marriage by a court order. Gov. Cuomo signed the bill before midnight.

New York Win Celebrated Far and Wide

New York Gay Marriage Victory Transforms National Debate

New York City Celebrates Marriage Victory (Pictures)

Unfortunately, President Obama was NOT a "fierce advocate" for LGBT equality as Gov. Cuomo.
Obama's Gay Marriage Wimp Out

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