Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Arkansas Supermarket Censors Elton John Magazine Cover

In my hometown (Mountain Home, Arkansas) a young lesbian took this picture in Harps supermarket showing a "family shield" covering up the US Weekly cover with Elton John, his partner and their new baby.  Evidenlty someone complained to the store manager, and covered the magazine.  Thanks to the young woman who publicized the picture on the internet, Harps Supermarket, located in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Missouri, has apologized and had the Mountain Home store remove the shield.

Joe.My.God  Arkansas Grocery Store Finds Gay Parenting Too Offensive for Kids

GLAAD:  Arkansas Supermarket Censors Elton John US Weekly Cover

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libhom said...

Imagine, censoring something so incredibly dull. If there is a news story about gay men buying groceries, will they cover that too?