Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Election Day 2010

Eight Things Voters Didn't Know on Election Day

The Bad News is John "Boner" is Speaker of the House, and that could be good news, he is now the face of the TeaPublican Party...
And just wait until the TeaPublicans start CUTTING programs that the majority of American support, like Social Security...
And if Tea Partiers think Boner and the GOP will balance the budget anytime soon, or cut anything but small programs that benefit the poor, you will be disappointed..

Most people did not vote, because they hate both parties, and the GOP is still even less popular than the Democrats. Both parties are in the pockets of the corporate rich and Wall Street, and the Democrats failed to deliver real change, it was business as usual, and it still is.
We need campaign reform, and give third parties a chance!

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