Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Memphis Non-Discrimination Ordinance Passes First Vote

From Memphis Daily News:

Tuesday Memphis City Council
•Approved a non discrimination ordinance on the first of three readings after the item was removed from the council’s consent agenda. Items up for first reading are usually approved en masse with one vote. Council member Barbara Swearengen Ware wanted the item removed, saying it had not been approved in committee. There was no recommendation in committee and committee recommendations cannot stop an item from being considered by the full council even if there is a negative recommendation. An attempt to water down the ordinance on first reading was also voted down by the council.

A separate resolution that would prohibit companies doing business with the City of Memphis was tabled after some concerns were raised about the scope of the resolution.

Memphis Flyer: Non-Discrimination Ordinance Placed on Hold Note: the Resolution, NOT the Ordinance, was placed on hold--there is some confusion between the two in the media.

Commercial Appeal: Resolution to include Anti-Discrimination in City Contracts Tabled

Memphis Socialist Party Statement on Memphis ND Ordinance

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