Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Conservative/Tea-Bagger Agenda

We learned a lot about the right-wing agenda this week at the Tea-Bagging convention and the CPAC convention.
The tea-baggers support torture, cheered for a war criminal named Dick Cheney, and support bringing back Jim Crow laws to stop non-whites from voting. This is the future of the Republican Party??

Could there be more irony than conservative Republicans attacking Obama for using teleprompters, reading from their teleprompters? Or attacking Democrats for opposing balanced budgets and tax cuts, after Obama has supported large tax cuts for the working class, and the last Democratic President balanced the federal budget?! Or accusing Obama of treating terrorists as criminals and prosecuting them in federal courts, when Bush/Cheney did too? They have no shame!

Now the Democratic Left and progressives need to learn something from the right-wingers. They are not just relying on Republican politicians to achieve their right-wing agenda. They have formed a mass movement to force Republicans to support them. That is what the left must do. Electoral politics, getting liberal Democrats elected, is not enough. We must have a mass movement to DEMAND universal healthcare, etc. If we had been more organized, it would be us out there protesting and holding several national conventions to get our message out... where were progressives and the movement for progressive change since Obama got elected?

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