Saturday, February 11, 2006

Right-Wing Conservatives and Liberal Funerals

I'm so sick of the right-wing cons whining about liberals and progressives being too "political" at the funderals of great progressives. They complained about the political jabs against Republicans at the funderal of the great progressive liberal Sen. Paul Wellstone, and now they are whining again about politcal comments made by Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Joseph Lowery at the funeral of Coretta Scott King.

First, I don't think conservative Republicans like George W. Bush should be speaking at the funderals of great liberals like Coretta King. Why do conservative Republican's give lip service to great liberals like Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott King while they are doing everything they can to work against the liberal values they lived and died for?

The political speeches at the funderals of Coretta Scott King and Paul Wellstone were more than appropriate, they were necessary to remember the lives and the values of these great progressive leaders.

Maybe conservatives are just too embarrassed to face the truth about how they are destroying the dreams and visions of these liberal leaders?

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